directors_iconNeil Richards

Neil originally worked in movies and television. He has story-exec, writer and producer credits for BBC, ITV and Channel 4 in drama, children’s and entertainment – and continues to write for television.

Since co-writing Starship Titanic with Douglas Adams in the mid-90’s he has worked increasingly in interactive media, scripting children’s iTV, education, broadband and platform games, earning three recent BAFTA nominations, an IGDA Writing Excellence nomination and a Writers’ Guild nomination for his scripts. He has written more than 20 game scripts, including such popular titles as Driver, Just Cause (1 & 2), Broken Sword, Da Vinci Code etc.

directors_iconMaurice Suckling

Maurice has worked in games since the late 90s, as a designer, a voice director, an animation director, a mo-cap director, a music consultant, and as a producer, but most often, as a writer. He has worked on over 30 titles, across a full range of genres and on every major platform. He has contributed to two IGDA books on game writing (published 2008, and 2009).

Maurice has also worked in television, theatre, radio, and has published a collection of short stories. He holds a PhD in Creative Writing from Newcastle University.

directors_iconMarek Walton

Marek originally trained as a screenwriter whilst studying at the University of Denver.
Later he graduated in 2004 with a Masters in Creative Writing from the University of Edinburgh before being hired by Atari to work on Driver: Parallel Lines.

Since co-founding The Mustard Corporation, Marek has worked on a variety of games titles including Planet 51, Don King Presents Prize Fighter and Driver 76. He has also worked on interactive projects for BBC Learning, both as a writer and consultant.

Marek also voice directs and lectures on interactive narrative.


New York based Matt Costello adds not just his years of game design experience to the Mustard team, but also is on call as an American scriptwriter if requested by clients.

Sean Coleman’s extensive understanding of both the business and the scripting side of online drama is a key part of Mustard’s cross-media strategy.

Matt Costello

7th-guest Matt Costello’s award-winning work seamlessly meshes gameplay, technology and story. He scripted and designed dozens of best-selling games including The 7th Guest, Doom 3, Just Cause (with Neil Richards), G-Force and Pirates of the Caribbean: at World’s End as well as ID’s new IP, Rage. His novel Beneath Still Waters was recently filmed and released by LionsGate.

Sean Coleman

Sean Coleman is an award-winning scriptwriter and producer of bespoke multi-platform content. Recent shows include The Gap Year on bebo, the Digital Emmy-nominated and Webby Award winning Kirill on MSN and two series of Cell for O2, Sony and Fox.