TV & Cross Media

Mustard have been creating content in Children’s TV and Learning since the late 90’s: from linear scripts to interactive design and innovative crossmedia. Their education scripts have earned 2 BAFTA nominations and a Celtic Film Awards nomination.


Mustard have worked in Children’s TV for some years. We’ve contributed scripts and narrative for animated series such as Thomas the Tank Engine, live action show Carrie and David’s Popshop, and Cbeebies’ interactive animation Alphablocks

Mustard director Neil Richards is also on the advisory committee of The Children’s Media Conference.


We’ve delivered scripts for BBC Learning TV for Key Stages 1, 2 & 3: Series covering Environment and Religion such as See You, See Me, and Watch; literacy series such as Let’s Write a Story; numerous dramas for Citizenship, PSHE and History; 5 musical adaptations of Shakespeare, Stevenson and the classics for BBC Radio’s Music Workshop.

We’ve also contributed scripts and interactive design and consultancy for 3 BBC Jam projects: Directing Drama, Citizenship, Hospitality and Catering. Mustard consulted on BBC Scotland’s ARG Lost Penny, underpinning the BBC’s History of Scotland series.

Innovation Experience

Mustard directors have also mentored on, or participated in numerous Crossmedia labs exploring digital innovation, including:
Crossover Play 2009
Crossover Docs 2008
Crossover Kids 2008
Crossover Nordic 2008